Light Sport & Ultralight Flight Instruction

Light Sport & Ultralight Aircraft

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Our Ultralight Flight School is currently done in 2 locations, near Corning, California and in John Day, Oregon

Sport Pilot CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) for Airplane & Weight Shift Control (Trikes)
FAA Light Sport Repairman Maintenance and Inspection Ratings!
Rotax Certified Mechanic w/ 20 years of Rotax experience!

Prior to the Light Sport Rule implementation in 2005 Ed Pitman was Certificated Ultralight Advanced Flight Instructor (AFI) through Aero Sports Connection for Trikes (Powered Weight Shift) (shown above), Powered Fixed Wing (shown below), Paragliders (both powered and non-powered), Paraplane (Powered Parachute). Ed Pitman has accrued more than 5,000 hours of Ultralight flight time under Part 103 as well as being a Private Pilot, and has been teaching ultralight flight since 1986. During that time he has successfully taught hundreds of people to fly.

Instruction includes the use of our aircraft and equipment through the dual training phase. When you are ready to Solo and wish to own your own Aircraft, we are authorized dealers for many manufacturers of aircraft & accessories from countries all over the globe.
Everyone gets to fly during their first training flight, so don't wait!

Service after the sale is very important! We do complete Repairs and Maintenance. Holding, Light Sport Repairman Maintenance and Inspection Ratings for Airplane, Weight Shift Control (Trike) and Powered Parachute. Also Rotax Certified Mechanic

Dual instruction is the safest way to learn to fly. With an intercom system in the helmets, the instructor and student can easily communicate. It generally takes about 10 flight hours and 20 hours of ground school to solo. Of course this can vary from person to person. Some have finished in half that time.

Ed Pitman has been certifying new instructors since 1989 as an examiner and teaches many advanced skills classes and clinics. All of these can serve to improve flying skills and enjoyment. These clinics are designed to meet the needs of the pilot and are scheduled by appointment. Our students are kept in our confidential mailing list so they can be made aware of clinic offerings which can improve their skills.