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Which generic synthroid is best -known for) are available; and this one (called 'Tau') is particularly powerful. It can create any sound you could have thought of or dreamt up, but it costs a cool $40,000. Some of the best sounds can be achieved by getting close to them... In this video, Paul mentions (at around the 0:43 mark) 'Sydney Schmutter Synthesizer'. Sydney is a brand made by company called 'JDS Acoustics' which sells very 'affordable' high-end music synths; and the JDS-S7, for example, retails $2397. (The 'JDS' indicates that it is indeed a 'joint venture'.) I think it is an 'audio' instrument, not just a 'synthesizer'... This is an 'Audio Synthesizer' which has some very useful analog filter circuits... In this video, Paul is discussing the 'Sega Saturn Drum' - a highly-musical, complex instrument. I think it is 'drum' in the sense of a generic synthroid price kind drum-machine... though Paul himself says in the video that drum sounds 'more like a flute'. (I think that the instrument itself is more like a 'real-time electronic drum', but this may not be the case.) It is in fact a 'real-time electronic drum-kit', with lots of controls. On the other hand, sound that this sound-generating device offers is 'more analog' than the sounds that are produced by most drum machines, as you can hear in this video. 'Percussion Synthesizer' sounds are a little bit like... 'synth organ'... In this video, Paul talks about a 'Percussion Synthesizer'. The term 'S-SYNTH' may have come from the PPT (Professional Physical-Sampling Time) or the MSD (MIDI-Synthesis Digital Synthesizer); but 'synth organ' comes from a synthsym - generic word for a synthesizer, so I think (for the sake of time!) it is better that I generic version of synthroid leave the word 'synth' in my post-script. (So, 'S-SYNTH Synthesizer' instead.) This 'Percussion has a range of three different modes - 'standard', 'low level' and 'high-level', offers two different output modes. Paul suggests that 'high-level' mode is more suitable for electronic music (where the synth