Slick Trim for ELSA & SLSA Trikes

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Ed Pitman    1840 Airport Blvd.    Red Bluff, CA 96080
Shipping Address 17360 Rancho Tehama Rd., Corning, CA 96021
Billing Address P.O. Box 5248, Corning, CA 96021
Phone: 530-945-1860 days or evenings

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Slick Trim has been load tested to over 6,400 Pounds and showed no signs of fatigue or wear.
It can be adapted to most Trike Wing Keel Tubes of 60mm or 2 1/4".
It comes in 2 & 3 inch strokes, which works well for most trikes.
Can also be adapted with Potentiometer for Position Indicator Gauge or Knob Position Selector.

Must have an LOA “Letter of Authorization” to be used on Special Light Sport, SLSA Trikes.
Check with your Trike Manufacturer.

Experimental Trikes only need to go back into Phase 1
for the testing period, check your Operating Limitations.

Each Slick Trim Unit comes with Complete Manuals for SLSA Compliance.

All Fasteners are AN or MS Aircraft Hardware.

Current Manual for Slick Trim Click below
Slick Trim Maintenance, Assembly & Inspection Manual rev.1

Coming Soon is the “Simple Trim” for Ultralight Trikes.

Picture above is "Slick Trim on Northwing Apache Trike w/GT5 Wing"

Picture above is "Slick Trim on Northwing Apache Trike w/Mustang 3 Wing"

Retail Pricing

Std. Slick Trim Unit = $1395.00** USD for Trike Masts up to 2 1/2" wide. Most trikes.
Wide Slick Trim Unit = $1510.00** USD for Trike Masts up to 2 3/4" wide. i.e. Airborne
Power Steering Option Add $160.00 This allows Down Tubes to attach directly to Trim Unit. i.e. Airbourne
** Discounts Available
Un Assembled Kit Pricing Discount 10% Dealer Discount 10% when purchased in 3 unit quantities. Kit 10 + 10 = 20% off Retail
OEM Discount 15% when purchased in 5 unit quantities. Kit 10 + 15 = 25% off Retail

NOTE: Specify Wing Root Tube Diameter of 2 1/4" or 60 mm when ordering,
Custom sizes can be made to order, allow 30 days for Custom Sizes & Colors.

Colors Available

Side Plates always Hard Black Anodize for durability
Actuator Plates etc. in Red or Blue (standard) or custom colors
Steel Parts are Cadmium Plated in Light Bronze tone. All AN or MS Fasteners

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