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Click Picture for SLSA Dragonfly manufactured by Pitman Air

Dragonfly Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) manufactured by Pitman Air,
legal Aero Towing and Instruction "for Compensation or Hire" (91.327),
ELSA Kits also available!

Introducing the RANCHER Aircraft,
Designed for Farm and Ranch Work, & It's Extremely Fun to Fly!!
See Tax Benefits Calculators further down on this page!

Click Picture for SLSA Dragonfly Rancher

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Get the Work Done Efficiently, and put the Joy, Back into Ranching.

Tax Benefits

Tax Deductions on Farm, Ranch & Business Equipment under Section 179 Explained

Calculator for Tax Deductions

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Coming Soon! SLSA AC-125 "Angela" Trainer Aircraft with
5 Configurations built into every Aircraft.
Nose Wheel, Tail Wheel, Amphibious Floats, Skiis and Tundra Packages
45 minutes to switch from Nose Wheel to Tail Dragger and Vise Versa


The Angela AC-125 is a true Flight Trainer.
It exceeds the drop test requiremnts of Part 23 aircraft.
Our exclusive energy arresting gear system absorbs excess energy,
unlike a spring gear, that throws the plane back up in the air.
And still a quick change from Nose Wheel to Tail Dragger and Vise Versa.
"Patents Pending"

Test Flights confirmed our Spin Resistant Trainer "Angela"

Tricycle Configuration

Click Picture for larger pictures
Angela1 Angela2

Quick 45 minute change to Tailwheel Configuration.

Click Picture for larger pictures
Angela3 Angela4

Proof of Concept Test Flights were completed in April of 2018
Now setting up Production, first planes to America in 2021

Exclusive Safety Features:

Latest Spin Resistance Technology
4 to 5 MPH Burble Zone before Stall
Energy Arresting Landing Gear System
Energy Absorbing Belts and Restraints
Crumple Sections to Absorb Energy in a Crash
Emergency Airframe Parachute System (optional)
Chromoly Cockpit Frame to Help Protect Occupants
Made to accommodate the full range of Rotax 900 Series Engines
912UL through 915iS
The Ultimate LSA Trainer!
Built to Last!


And the Bailley Moyes Dragonfly, for Aero-Towing Hang-Gliders

We Offer!

Sport Pilot CFI
for Airplane & Weight-Shift Control(Trikes)

Light Sport Repairman Maintenance Services
for Light Sport Airplane, Weight-Shift (Trikes), Gliders and Powered Parachutes

Factory Authorized Service Center for many Brands

Pitman Air is dedicated to the pursuit of flight,
by providing quality aircraft and accessories at reasonable prices,
Whatever you need to take to the Sky in Style, Safety and Comfort!
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